Listening, inspiring, creating…

As your interior designer, Tina’s intention is to understand, enhance and complement your lifestyle. Tina will listen to you, share her expert advice, provide access to a wide selection of choice, offer only excellent and completely trustworthy tradespeople, and add high quality finishes to your home.

Tina Interior Design offers:

Expert Advice

Tina’s innate design talent, together with years of experience through a wealth of design projects, are evidenced by her many delighted clients.  Her experienced advice includes fabrics, style, furniture, flooring, lighting, paints and colour – to interpret and enhance your interiors. There is no charge for an initial consultation at Tina’s studio.

“She has an eye for colour and detail and is able to put colour schemes together in her mind, so that we were able to choose combinations of colour and design which, without her, we would not have been confident with.  We never felt that we were being pushed towards something that was not right for us, and the end result has been a light, warm and welcoming look to our home, just the outcome we wanted.” (Original available on request).

Whole Market Access

Tina will provide you with a wide selection of choice to suit you, your lifestyle and your budget. Tina is completely independant and so will identify and locate your ideal choice from countless ranges and numerous suppliers.

“She had a constructive and professional relationship with other parties involved in the work that facilitated smooth progress.” (Original available on request).

Skilled craftsmen

Over many years Tina has established excellent relationships with reliable and reputable tradespeople, from curtain makers to painters, carpenters and builders. Alternatively Tina is happy to work with your own tradespeople.

“Tina was involved from the planning stage, recommending an architect to us and guiding us through major considerations such as replacement and enlargement of windows, the siting of doors, ways of repositioning the staircase and the options open to us in creating an open fireplace” (Original available on request).

Finishing Touches

With her passion for creativity, let Tina add her flair and unique finishing touches to your home – bringing design elements together and giving a fantastic first impression.

“Instead of offering our purchasers the ‘standard’ boring beige finishes that are so often used, Tina provides our properties with warm, individual and tasteful interiors…  Tina’s ideas and selections proved to be a great success and undoubtedly resulted in higher sales prices and faster sales than we would otherwise have achieved.” (Original available on request).

No Expensive Mistakes

Without expert guidance, interior design can be overwhelming.  It is thus not entirely surprising that prior to calling Tina, clients have often made disastrous purchases of the ‘wrong’ furniture or become disillusioned after several attempts to create their ‘dream’ home.  With Tina’s advice, no mistakes will be made.  If required, Tina will purchase items as small as an ashtray (see this project) – up to a completely new kitchen.

Project Management

Tina will personally undertake and manage your entire refurbishment/redecoration project. Frequent discussions will be held with tradesmen, with the whole process professionally overseen by Tina. Tina will meet with and update you on a regular basis, when you can highlight any issues or concerns you may have.

“We left Tina in charge when we went away during the redevelopment, during which time she worked with the builders, intercepting problems, preventing mistakes and keeping the work moving.” (Original available on request).

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